How Much Does It Cost to Ski? Find Out in This Comprehensive Guide

Many people who contact our ski rental online start the discussion with the same question: how much does it cost to ski? For many beginners who are trying to do their own online search, the cost to ski during winter holiday appears too high. They usually only factor in the cost to buy or rent equipment and the ski pass.

Actually, the average cost of skiing even during a short trip includes many other elements. They are all necessary, especially for beginner skiers who will need assistance to learn how to ski. It is never recommended figuring out on your own how to do it. You may take a bad fall, leading to serious injuries. As specialists in ski rentals with over 20 years in the Colorado Mountains, we at Carvers Ski+Bike know everything about how much a ski trip is on average. And we will share all these details with you in this comprehensive guide.

How Much Does It Cost to Ski If You Own Your Own Gear?

Many people believe that they can lower the average cost of skiing if they don’t rent equipment but buy it beforehand. If you are a dedicated skier, who goes on several skiing trips each year, this approach makes sense.

However if you only come to the mountains during the winter holiday, the cost to ski becomes unreasonably high if you own your own gear. As we will show below in this guide, high quality and reliable equipment and gear can set you back several thousands of dollars. You can rent the same type of equipment for a fraction of the cost, paying strictly for the amount of time you’ll need it.

The skiing cost depends on the type of equipment you use and whether you need skiing lessons
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Find Out How Much Does It Cost to Go Skiing

Keeping in mind the explanations above, here is a detailed breakdown of how much does a skiing trip cost:

Average Ski Equipment Costs

Owning your gear makes sense for dedicated or professional skiers. In this situation, the minimum cost to ski in terms of buying equipment is:

  • $350 for skis
  • $250 for ski boots
  • $50 for poles

If you want professional equipment, the total cost may exceed $2,000. By contrast, if you choose to rent ski equipment from our rental shop, you will pay only a fraction of the cost, with rental prices going lower for longer rental periods. Thus, the skiing cost can be as little as $26.40 per day for +6 days skis and boots rental.

If you wonder: is skiing expensive? – you are probably not considering the fact that you cannot wear regular clothes on the slope. Professional skiing clothes keep you warm from the frosty weather and allow you complete freedom of movement at the same time. Also, you need to wear safety gear, as well. 

Professional Ski Clothing Costs

Thus, the minimum clothing price adding to the cost to ski is:

  • $200 for jacket and trousers
  • $40 for gloves
  • $50 for goggles
  • $60 for helmet

Of course, you can avoid spending so much for clothing you need only once or twice per year by renting the complete skiing gear at a total cost of under $100 per day. 

Lift Passes Costs in the Colorado Mountains

You will need to use a ski lift to reach the top of the slope (even trained professional skiers use them). How much does it cost to ski for a day? It depends on the total length of your holiday. You can buy ski passes at the following costs:

  • $60 to $80 per day
  • $150 to $300 per week

Also, mountain resorts always have pre-season sales on lift passes and ski passes, meaning that you can lower your winter trip skiing cost if you purchase the passes ahead of time.

The Average Cost of Ski Lessons

How much is a ski trip for beginners? Lessons by professional coaches will definitely add up to the total amount, but this is not the kind of expense you can spare. Accidents on skiing slopes can be very serious, and you may end up with a hospital bill far exceeding the cost to learn how to ski.

The average cost to ski, including a guide to teach you the basics, depends on whether you choose individual lessons or join a group of beginners. The minimum price for a lesson can be:

  • $70 per hour for individual lessons
  • $500 per day for individual lessons
  • $30 per hour for groups
  • $100 per hour for groups

It is a great idea to learn to ski together with a group of friends or family members. You can split the costs, have fun together, and end up with an affordable skiing cost.

Season Pass Costs

The lift pass is usually what ramps up the average cost of skiing. You may purchase it for several days at a discount, but you never know if you’ll be able to ski during all those days. Very cold weather and storms can keep you indoors. In some cases, the lift operator will not let you exchange your ticket for a different day.

This is why the most cost-effective option for you is buying a season pass. 

How much is skiing depends on whether you buy or rent your equipment and how long your trip is
You can reduce your winter trip cost if you choose to rent ski gear.

Choose the Best Rental Equipment to Keep Your Skiing Cost Under Control

At Carvers Ski+Bike, you will get the full attention of our experienced and friendly team. We are a family owned and operated business with over 23 years of experience in the Colorado Mountains. We know all about skiing costs and how to help you save money by renting high-quality ski gear and clothing from us.

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