As the snow starts to fall here in Summit County, don’t panic… you can still get some riding in before winter is in full swing!  

Here are some of our TOP 5 places to ride until we’re all shoveling snow…

Moab, Utah

Distance from Summit County: 4h 45m

Why we like it:

Moab has trails that range for all levels of mountain bikers. From Newbie to pro – there is going to be something that challenges you! Not to mention the amazing views and ability to set up a campsite and stay for a few days! 

Fruita, Colorado

Distance from Summit County: 3h 15m

Why we like it:

Fruita is a bit closer than Moab, so many like it for it’s proximity – the trails and campsite positions make it a great family friendly spot to ride around for a few days.

Eagle, Colorado

Distance from Summit County: 1h 15m

Why we like it:

The close proximity makes Eagle a wonderful day trip to do some riding outside of the snow covered trails here in Breck.

Sedona, Arizona

Distance from Summit County: 11h

Why we like it (& why we think you should make the journey):

Sedona is a world renown location for winter riding in the desert. There are many sites to camp, eat, or lodge – and the weather is amazing year round with a sun that keeps the cooler temperatures at bay.

For new riders, there are several mountain bike tours available to assist in exploring the area.

Salida, Colorado

Distance from Summit County:  1h 45m

Why we like it:

Salida is actually known as a bike town through and through. Not only are the off-road trails groomed perfectly, but in town there are many roads and paths that run throughout town for more mellow path rides as well.