How to Use the Snowboard Size Chart? Here’s Our Brief Guide

One of the things you will see prominently displayed in any snowboard rental shop is the snowboard size chart. This is the first thing you need to look at and know how to interpret before you rent your gear. It gives you the answer to “what size snowboard should I get?” depending on your body type.

If you are wondering whether snowboard sizing for men or women is important, our answer is an emphatic YES. If you don’t know how to size a snowboard, your ride will be fraught with the danger of falling and getting injured. Even if you manage to avoid accidents, you will still not be able to ride to your best abilities. Reading the chart is the only way to learn “what size snowboard should I ride”. 

Learn How to Size a Snowboard

The snowboard size chart will help you find the perfect size board depending on your height and weight. Some people still believe in the traditional method of standing the board next to you. If it reaches your chin, they say that it’s a good fit. This is not untrue – however, it is just part of the answer to “what size snowboard do I need?”

Learn how to read the snowboard size chart and find the best model for your body type and needs.
Using the right snowboard size is crucial for your safety.

Also, the width of the board should be a good fit for the boot (this is what gives you stability as you make your way down the slope). The boot should hang over the edge of the narrowest part of the board just slightly, but not a lot.

You need to take other aspects into consideration, such as your snowboarding style or level of experience with this sport. And the chart will help you choose between types of snowboards. For instance, if you prefer the freeride style, you will need more stability and speed. Your board must be slightly longer than the regular fit for your height and weight. Thus, you choose the next size up on the snowboard size chart.

What Size Snowboard Do I Need?

Let us now look at the anatomy of the board in order to better understand snowboard sizing. The key elements are:

  • The rounded tip and tail
  • The effective edge (the length)
  • The binding mounts

The narrowest part, in the middle of the board, is called the waist and is situated at precisely the same distance from each biding mounts for your boot. The snowboard size chart will offer the full measurement of the board, from tip to tail. 

Snowboards are sized from 128 to 136 cm (for kids) and can be as tall as +160 cm (for users who are around 6’4” tall). The differences between one size and the other are in increments of around 50” in height and 10-15 kg in weight.

Learn about the Different Types of Snowboards

If you want to know how to choose a snowboard, size is not the only factor. You must also know what style of snowboarding you want to practice. There are different models catering to all sorts of preferences in this popular winter sport:

All Mountain Snowboards

These are general purpose boards that work well on all types of snow and slopes. They are highly versatile, so they are the best recommendations for beginners and the easiest to choose using the snowboard size chart.

Freestyle Snowboards

The snowboard sizing for this model is a little trickier because these boards are shorter than the average models. They perform well in parks, rough terrains (including over tree trunks), and over trash cans. Usually, they are chosen by experienced snowboarders who know exactly how to size a snowboard.

Freeride Snowboards

These snowboards are longer and stiffer than other models. They are also more prominently curved to offer optimal performance in one direction.

Powder Snowboard

If you want to know “what types of snowboards do I need for fresh snow?”, the answer is the powder snowboard. It is designed with a wider tip and a narrower tail, which offer excellent control over freshly fallen and deep snow.


If you want to combine snowboarding with cross country in the Colorado Mountains, this special model of snowboard is for you. It can detach into two halves, which turns them into a sort of pair of skis you can use for the uphill ride. Once you have reached the top, you bind them back and enjoy the downhill run. Apart from using the snowboard size chart correctly, you must also know how to fasten the special bindings on this type of board.

Find out everything about all the types of snowboards available and choose the best model 
Know what type of snowboard you should rent for best results!

How to Choose a Snowboard Depending on the Level of Skill

As a beginner, you should ask for the assistance of rental shop employees in reading the snowboard size chart and finding the ideal model of board. You should start with all mountain snowboards because they offer optimal maneuverability and control as you try to learn how to achieve the best posture and develop your skills.

Advanced snowboarders can experiment with new models and push their limits according to their preferences. They will always find a large selection of snowboards in all sizes in specialized rental shops.

Do You Need Help with Snowboard Sizing? We Can Help!

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