Bring your skis or snowboard in for a professional tune. Our highly-trained team know how to get the performance you want from a wax and tune.Need a tune?

All of our techs are certified annually and ready to mee your needs! We've taken care of everyone from pros to families who are on the mountain for the first time.

Browse through our packages. We offer services that are affordable for every budget and suitable for every skill level. Our goal is to help you have an awesome day on the mountain

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Ski & Snowboard Service

Full Tune  $60

  • Full base repair
  • Stone grind
  • Edge
  • Hot wax

Quick Tune $45

  • Stone grind
  • Edge
  • Hot wax

Sharpen and Wax $35

  • Edge
  • Hot Wax


Hot Wax $30

Belt Wax $20

Machine Edge Sharpen $20

Hand Tuned Edges $25 | $10 (tune upgrade)

SWIX Hydrocarbon Performance Wax Add  $10 (tune upgrade)

Bicycle Service

Standard Shop Rate is $80 per hour
Prices do not include Parts

Basic Tune  $55

  • Adjust Gears
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Check/Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Check/Adjust Hub, Bottom Bracket, and Headset Bearings

Full Tune  $95

  • Includes All Services Included in the Basic Tune and…
  • Complete Drivetrain Clean and Lubrication
  • Lube All Cables
  • True Wheels
  • Full Frame Clean

Summit Tune  $165

  • Includes All Services Included in the Full Tune and…
  • Bearing Inspection
  • Clean and Grease all Bearing Surfaces
  • New Brake and Gear Cables and Housing

Install Tube

Quick Release Wheel - $15
Bolt on Wheel - $17

Stan’s Sealant in tire - $15

True Wheel- $20-$35/per

Suspension Fork Oil Change - $75

  • Recommended every 125 hours riding time

Suspension Rear Shock Service - $40

  • Recommended every 125 hours riding time

Adjust Brake - $15/brake

Bleed Hydraulic Brakes - $35/brake

Replace Brake Pads - $15/brake

Adjust Derailleur - $15-25/per

Rear Derailleur Hangar Alignment - $20

  • includes gear adjustment

Replace Cable - $15

Adjust Bearings - $15 to $20

Overhaul Hub - $30

Build Shipped Bike - $55

Pack Bike for Shipping - $65

  • includes box

Assemble New Bike - $85