Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell discounted lift tickets?

We do not. Breckenridge Ski Resort controls all ticket sales and lessons. The ski area website- -offers a discount by ordering tickets at least 7 days in advance.

Why rent with Carvers versus shops right at the base of the mountain?

You will save 20-30% and have a more personal and enjoyable rental experience.

Our average rental setup is 15-20 minutes versus 30 minutes to an hour at the busy base area shops. We have a very high standard of maintenance on all of our equipment. All skis, boards and bikes are tuned as needed after every use.

How far are you from the slopes?

We are located on the north end of Main Street, just a two minute walk from the Breckenridge Gondola which gives you access to the entire ski area.

Do you have customer parking?

Yes! We have ample customer parking behind our building for equipment pick up/drop off and shopping.

Should I reserve equipment in advance?

Yes! Reserving in advance will get you our best rate, guarantee equipment availability and streamline your rental process. We recommend reserving online at, 7-10 days in advance. There is no penalty to cancel.

Can I swap/change equipment during my rental?

Yes! You are welcome to make any sizing adjustments during your rental at no additional cost. Changing equipment packages may be done as well. You would just pay (or receive a credit) for the difference in cost.

Note: If you change ski, snowboard or boot sizes, we will likely need to make an adjustment to the ski or snowboard binding, so bring in all equipment rented for swaps.

When can I pick equipment up and when is it due?

You are welcome to pick up equipment any time after 2pm prior to your first day of rental. Equipment is due by 6 pm on your last day of rental (accommodations are made if night skiing Keystone or special cases). Our Winter hours are 8am-8pm.

Rental begins at time of pickup and are due based on customer’s preferred increment of usage. Our Summer hours are 9am-6pm.

Do you rent clothing?

Yes! We rent winter jackets and ski bibs (pants) for men, women and children. We do not rent goggles or gloves. We also rent bike shoes for road and mountain in the summer!

Do you offer overnight equipment storage?

Yes! Equipment storage is complimentary with your rental. Most hotels and condos are equipped to handle equipment storage as well. The ski area also offers base area storage for a nominal fee.

Do you offer trail advice?

Yes! Some of the best things in life are free and this is one them. Everyone at Carvers skis and rides and can give you great advice on where to go on your snow sliding or two-wheeled devices.

Where is the best happy hour and burger in town?

You’ll just have to stop in, say "hi" and find out!